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Small Business Owners: 10 Ways to Motivate Your Staff Without Spending a Dime

small business owner

Are you a small business owner on the lookout for ways to motivate your staff? There are numerous ways in which you can motivate your staffs without having to spend a dime.It has been proven in a number of ways that employees aren’t always motivated by money, but, rather by intrinsic motivators such as being…

How to Successfully Manage Your Remote Employees

The advent of technology has impacted the way we work, sourcing for remote employees is now on the rise. Technology has really changed the face of tradition work life. We no longer need physical staffs in other to get jobs done. There are lots of talent in the world today and they can be sourced…

6 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Sales

making sales

Why is it that young entrepreneurs are finding difficult to make sales? Often when we have this idea rush that could make us ton of money we get so excited, well that’s cool. With the help of the internet and advancement in technology, you could make extra income from the comfort of your room. As…